The 3rd AICHR Regional Dialogue on Mainstreaming of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the ASEAN Community (A Reflection from Ms LILY PURBA – ACWC and Advisor for GPDLI)

Session 1 General framework on access to justice for person with disabilities (PWD), relevance of SDG 16. Hari Kurniawan from LBH East Java talked about access to Justice of PWD in Indonesia.

There is still big stigma and misunderstanding on PWD. Such as stigma of police, prosecitor, judges, beside the physical barrier and gaps: disqualifying PWD for legal proffesional (lawyers, prosecutors, judges, paralegal) , lack of support for victim of PWD including for the intelectual disability in court cases (interpreter with sign language, and law knowlege). Ms. Aiko Akiyama, focal point on dissability of UN ESCAP mentioned about reviewing of access of PWD to justice, any barriers and regulatory exclussion, Integrated justice system. Thai representative of Ministry of justice, explained about justice fund, commitment to implement SDG 16 at the national and international level and address the barriers experienced by PWD, including access to technology.

Regional action plan of action should consider the research on legal system for PWD, legal assistance, educate the community on the right of PWD and University also training for all law enforcer in legal process.

Session 3, meeting discussed about the disability as entrepreneurs, the disability person should not been treated as target of charity, they are the rights holder. So the people with disability (PWD) can be entrepreneur if they have capacity, accessibility and sustainability. Access to Bank and financial institution (bank account, loan, mortgage and other form of financial credit) and enterpreneur should be the enhanced. PWD is deprived from the property because they are blind. The basic principles of PWD as enterpreneur is equal enjoyment of rights.
This meeting also shared the experiences and challenges of business, social enterprises such as Thailand, having coffee and bakery shop run by PWD.

Under ASEAN Community, PWD on entrepreneurs issue is on 3 pillars, ASEAN Economic Community should involve on this (transportation, banking etc)



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