How do you feel after you have seen Asian Para Games 2018.
What kind of things you have been exposed from  this Asian event?
Many of us, their eyes suddenly is with tears and felt how fortunate they are phisically but they can not do what people disability do to overcome their limitation through sport competition/para games.
The media still tends to use medical model of disability, focus is on the impairment more than individuals.
Although the motivator keep saying the disability is a mind set.  God creates us to have Able and to be meaningful.
Through Asian Para Games, actually we should have potrayed dignity, respect, empowerment and accesibility
How we potray people with disability?
I do not think that people with disability are well represented in the  steering committee or decision making of para games, this can be seen with the accesibility need for people with disability. Access to watch the games is not met with the need of disability. Those with phisical disability are not provided with friendly and safe path. Some.of volunteer only served people with chair. The transportation is very limited to them also. You can imagine how old people.and disability to walk from.parking areas to the venues from the nearest bus station at GBK. And the seat for them is also limited,  this is also being experienced by the blind people.
Some of transport volunteers are disability but they are few with bentor (motorcycle). At the closing ceremony, how many disability group can access this and i heard they got invitation in the festival side (without seats). During the competition, the places for high officials are almost empty, while the people with chair, blind  and other intelectual disability are squezed here and there.
So after fulfill the expectation by reaching 37 gold medal and at the 5th ranking, are we satisfied by this achievement? Asian para games for us should be more than these achievement. People got back home  with thinking that disability is giving them inspiration they should or could do more than disability?  are the para gamer for entertaining people?
Is that all, how about the stigma of disability in the daily life. Are people with disability have access to different aspect of life? they being treated with respect, have dignity nd being empowered?
There is plenty of  home works after  Asian Para Games.
(Lily Purba)


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