The following organisations have endorsed the HLPF 2017 submission paper on behalf of the stakeholder group of persons with disabilities:

  1. A1 Hr Consultancy
  2. Aaina
  3. Ability Society Of Kenya
  4. Ablechildafrica
  5. Accessibility Organization For Afghan Disabled, Skateistan, Afghanistan Paralympic Committee
  6. Action Handicap
  7. Action On Disability Rights And Development-Nepal (ADRAD)
  8. Activists Network For Disabled People (ANDP)
  9. Ademo – Delegacao De Sofala
  10. Afghan Landmine Survivors Organization (ALSO)
  11. Africa Disability Alliance
  12. African Disability Forum
  13. African Federation Of The Deafblind
  14. African Union Of The Blind
  15. African Youth With Disabilities Network – Sierra Leone
  16. African Youth With Disabilities Network (AYWDN)
  17. Agate Center For Women With Special Needs Ngo
  18. Aid Children With Disability Association (ACDA) Laos Pdr.
  19. AIFO
  20. Al Saeeda Society For The Care And Rehabilitation Of Deaf Girls In Yemen
  21. Al-Amal Asso. For The Deaf
  22. Albanian  National Association Of The Deaf
  23. Anwesha Kolkata
  24. Apadea, Asociacion Argentina De Padres De Autistas
  25. Arab Organization Of Persons With Disability
  26. Artist With Disability And Prosperity Adp
  27. Asdown Colombia
  28. ASEAN Disability Forum
  29. Asia Blind Union
  30. Asociacion Azul
  31. Asociacion Polio-Postpolio Argentina
  32. Aspane Nueva Era A. C.
  33. Associacao Miracles In Mozambique
  34. Associasao Dos Deficiente De Sao Tome E Principe
  35. Association D’aide A  L’education De L’enfant Handicap (AAEEH)
  36. Association Des Paralysis De France
  37. Association Des Personnes Handicapes Motivates De Tane (Aphmoto)
  38. Association For Disability And Development “Add” Maldives.
  39. Association Of Disable People In Mozambique (ADEMO), Zambezia Province
  40. Association Of Youth With Disabilities In Mozambique (Ajodemo)
  41. Athabasca University
  42. Austrian Red Cross
  43. Bapda Belize
  44. Basic Needs India
  45. Bethlehem Arab Society For Rehabilitation
  46. Blind And Visual Impaired Society Of Maldives, Bvism
  47. Caribbean CBM Network
  48. CBM
  49. CBM Vietnam
  50. CBR Global Network
  51. Centre For Community Initiative
  52. Centre For Integrated Development
  53. Charles Sturt University, Australia
  54. Chicome Yolo Pa Se Ima A.C
  55. Cochabamba’s Hard Of Hearing Association – Ashico
  56. Collectif Pour La Promotion Des Droits Des Personnes En Situation De Handicap – Morocco
  57. Comisian De Damas Invidentes Del Pera – CODIP
  58. Consumer Action Network Mental Health Lanka (Can Mh Lanka)
  59. Corporacian Programa Poblacional De Servicios La Caleta, Chile
  60. Cultural Forum For People With Special Needs In Syria
  61. Culture Centre For The Deaf Mongolia
  62. Dahw Deutsche Lepra- Und Tuberkulosehilfe
  63. Deaf Hope
  64. Deafblind Ontario Services
  65. Development And Ability Organization (DAO)
  66. Direction De Developpement Associatif Et Politique D’inclusion
  67. Director Liliane Foundation
  68. Disability Equality Society
  69. Disability Organisations Joint Front (DOJF) Sri Lanka
  70. Disability Partnership Finland
  71. Disability Rights Fund, Inc. & Disability Rights Advocacy Fund, Inc.
  72. Disabled People’s International, Arab Region
  73. Disabled People’s International – Europe
  74. Disabled People’s International North America And The Caribbean Region
  75. Disabled People’s Organisations Australia
  76. Disabled Persons’ Association Of Bhutan (DPAB)
  77. Disabled Women In Africa (Diwa)
  78. Divine Foundation For Disabled Persons
  79. Down Syndrome International
  80. DPO Latinoamerica
  81. DPI Maldives Mna
  82. DPI Pakistan
  83. Dutch Coalition On Disability And Development
  84. East Africa Disability Aid
  85. East Eagle Foundation
  86. Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network
  87. Eden Centre Fro Disabled Children, Yangon, Myanmar
  88. Edraak Organization For Persons With Disabilities
  89. EJEVH
  90. Enlightening And Empowering People With Disabilities In Africa (EEPD Africa)
  91. Escuela De Vecinos De Venezuela
  92. Estanara Group
  93. EU-Cord
  94. European Disability Forum
  95. European Network Of (Ex-)Users And Survivors Of Psychiatry (ENUSP)
  96. European Union Of The Deaf Youth
  97. Family Centered Initiative For Challenged Persons
  98. Federaccion Costarricense de organizaciones de personas con discapacidad
  99. Federation Burkina Des Association Pour La Promotion Des Personnes Handicap (Febah)
  100. Federation Das Associations De Defesa E Promotion Dos Direitos Das Pessoas Com
    Deficiencia Na Guine-Bissau (FADPD-GB)
  101. Federation Nationale Des Sourds D’haiti Fnash
  102. Federation Nigerienne Des Personnes Handicapees
  103. Federation Of Disability Organisations In Malawi (FEDOMA)
  104. Federation Of Ethiopian National Associations Of Persons With Disabilities (FENAPD)
  105. Federation Of The Deaf Madagascar
  106. Federation Togolaise Des Associations De Personnes Handicap (FETAPH)
  107. Fiji Disable Peoples Federation
  108. Florida Atlantic University
  109. Fontilles
  110. Forum for th Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  111. Friend For Disability Co.,Ltd
  112. Friends Of Paraplegics
  113. Fundacion Paso A Paso.A.C
  114. Fundacion Sendas
  115. Fundacion Todo Tuyo Maria De Personas Con Discapacidad Fisica Anams
  116. G3ict – Global Initiative For Inclusive Icts
  117. Gambia Federation Of The Disabled
  118. Gaucha Association Of Parents And Friends Of Deafblin People And People With Multiple Disabilities
  119. Gerakan Peduli Disabilitas Dan Lepra Indonesia (GPDLI)
  120. Great Palestinian Union For People With Disabilities
  121. Grupo Art-Culo 24
  122. Grupo Brasil De Apoio Ao Surdocego E Ao Multiplo Deficiente Sensosrial
  123. Gudc Ecuador
  124. Guinean Association Of The Deaf
  125. Guinean Association Of The Deazf Women
  126. Guyana Community Based Rehabilitation Programme
  127. Handicap Et Developpement Inclusif
  128. Handicap International
  129. Handicap-Dev
  130. Harvard Law School Project On Disability
  131. Horizon Academy. Addu City. Maldives
  132. Humancare Centre
  133. Ibanda District Association Of The Deaf (IDAD)
  134. Inclusion International
  135. Inclussion Panama
  136. International Agency For Rehabilitation India (R.)
  137. International Agency For The Prevention Of Blindness (IAPD)
  138. International Deaf Emergency
  139. International Disability Alliance (IDA)
  140. International Disability And Development Consortium (IDDC)
  141. International Federation For Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus
  142. International Federation Of Hard Of Hearing People (IFHOH)
  143. Jean De Dieu Goma
  144. Jeunes Entrepreneurs Vivants Avec Handicap
  145. Joint National Association For Persons With Disabilities (JONAPWD) Yobe State Nigeria
  146. Kalyani Life Institute
  147. Kentalis International Foundation
  148. La Federacion Nacional De Sordos De Colombia -Fenascol
  149. Lachana Society To Uplift Intellectual Disability (LID-Nepal)
  150. Lao-Aid Children With Disability Association
  151. Latin America Blind Union
  152. Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union
  153. Leonard Cheshire Disability
  154. Leprosy Mission Nepal
  155. Leprosy Relief Canada
  156. Libyan Organization For The Rights Of People With Disabilities
  157. Light For The World
  158. Liliane Foundation The Netherlands
  159. Little People Association In Baghdad
  160. Los Nia’os Iluminan Un Sue‘O A. C.
  161. Malawi Union Of The Blind
  162. Maldives Association Of Physical Disables (MAPD)
  163. Mentaid
  164. Mna -Dpi Maldives
  165. Modelci
  166. Modelci Cadus
  167. Morocco Forum “Disabilities And Rights”
  168. Motivation
  169. Motivation Charitable Trust
  170. Motivation Charitable Trust
  171. Muenselling Institute, Khaling (School For The Blind)
  172. Mussa Chico Abacar
  173. The National Association for the rights of persons with disabilities in Lebanon (NARD)
  174. National Association Of Intellectual Disabled And Parents (NAIDP-Nepal)
  175. National Association Of The Deaf R.O.C (Taiwan)
  176. National Association Of The Deaf, India
  177. National Federation Of People With Disabilities In Namibia (NFPDN)
  178. National Federation Of The Disabled Nepal
  179. National Union Of People With Disabilities Of Tajikistan
  180. NFD Pakistan
  181. Nepal Disabled Human Rights Center
  182. Neslyšící S Nadějí
  183. Netherlands Leprosy Relief
  184. Nkhotakota Association Of The Visually Impaired  Persons(Navip)
  185. Nlr Nepal
  186. Nuanua O Le Alofa National Advocacy Organisation Of Persons With Disabilities Samoa
  187. Open Habitat Ac
  188. ORD
  189. Organisation Tunisienne De Defense Des Droits De Personnes Handicapees
  190. Pacific Disability Forum
  191. Pak Ever Bright Development Organization
  192. Pakistan Down Syndrome Association (PDSA) Karachi
  193. Palestinian General Union Of Persons With Disabilities
  194. Parent Federation Of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities (PFPID-Nepal)
  195. Parivaar Bengal
  196. Partners In Creative Solutions
  197. People With Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI)
  198. People With Disability Australia
  199. Philippine Chamber Of Massage For The Visually Impaired
  200. Plateau State Disability Rights Commission, Nigeria
  201. Presbyterian Community Based Rehabilitation
  202. Presidente Nacional Unpade Chile – Uniã³N Nacional De Personas Con Discapacidad Intelectual
  203. Protibondhi Nagorik Shagathaner Parishad (PNSP)
  204. Pusat Ehsan
  205. RDDS
  206. Red Latinoamericana De Organizaciones No Gubernamentales De Personas Con Discapacidad
    Y Sus Familias – RIADIS
  207. Red Regional Por La Educacion Inclusiva
  208. Representing The Women With Disability India Network
  209. Rosa Chajvez
  210. Rumphi Self Help Initiative For The Visually Impaired
  211. Rural Development Trust
  212. School Of Law And Centre For Disability Studies, University Of Leeds
  213. Scoop Access
  214. Self Help Initaitive For The Visually Impaired
  215. Seven Million Disabled (FAPH)
  216. Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre
  217. Sightsavers
  218. Slpinfiji
  219. Society “For International Cooperation Of Disabled People” (FäCDP)
  220. Society For Action In Disability And Health Awareness (Sadhana), India
  221. Society Of Professionals  With Visual Disability
  222. Somali Disability Empowerment Network
  223. South African Human Rights Commission
  224. Southern Africa Federation Of The Disabled (SAFOD)
  225. Special Talent Exchange Program
  226. Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus Awareness Network-Uganda
  227. Sri Lanka Foundation For The Rehabilitation Of The Disabled
  228. St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore,India
  229. Swedish Association Of The Visually Impaired
  230. Swedish National Youth Association Of The Deaf
  231. Swotantrata Abhiyan Nepal
  232. The Christian Institute On Disability
  233. The Evangelical Lutheran Church In Tanzania (ELCT)
  234. The Hong Kong Society For Rehabilitation Centre On Research And Advocacy
  235. The Leprosy Mission
  236. The Mauritanian Association For The Coalition Of Women With Disabilities
  237. The Nippon Foundation
  238. The Swedish Disability Federation
  239. The Uganda  Down’s Syndrome Associattion
  240. Tourism For All The Gambia Charter And Gambia Association Of The Physically Disabled
  241. Tusaidiane Disabilities Resources And Charity Organization Of Tanzania (TDRTC)
  242. Uganda National Association Of The Deaf (UNAD)
  243. Uganda National Association Of The Hard Of Hearing
  244. Umuryango Nyarwanda W’abagore Bafite Ubumuga (UNABU)
  245. Un Special Rapporteur On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities
  246. Union Des Personnes Handicapees Du Burundi (UPHB)
  247. Union Des Personnes Handicapes Du Burundi
  248. Union Nationale Des Associations Des Personnes Handicapades Du Tchad
  249. Union Palestinian Of The Deaf
  250. United Disabled Persons Of Kenya
  251. United Nations Department Of Economics And Social Affairs
  252. University Of Massachusetts Boston
  253. Unmas Afghanistan
  254. Uwezo Youth Empowerment (UWEZ Owezo)
  255. Vipya Disability Association (VDA)
  256. Vision Pacific Charitable Trust
  257. Visually Hearing Impairment Membership Association (Deafblind Malawi)
  258. Voice Of Disabled People International Mauritius
  259. West Africa Federation Of The Disabled (WAFOD)
  260. West African Federation Of Disabled
  261. Wheels In Motion
  262. World Network Of Users And Survivors Of Psychiatry
  263. Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
  264. Women With Disabilities India Network
  265. World Blind Union (WBU)
  266. World Blind Union Asia Pacific
  267. World Enabled
  268. World Federation Of The Deaf (WFD)
  269. World Federation Of The Deafblind (WFDB)
  270. Zambia Federation Of Disability Organisations
  271. Zimbabwe Albino Association
  272. Zimbabwe National League Of The Blind



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