About the Partnership

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy is a coalition of people committed to ending leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease. The partnership includes the Novartis Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO, as an observer), the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP), the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation and the  International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement (IDEA). It also includes the national leprosy programmes of Brazil and Ethiopia, the International Leprosy Association, scientific organizations and the academic community. The secretariat for the partnership is located at the Task Force for Global Health.


Operational Excellence Working Group

Chair: Bart Vander Plaetse, FAIRMED
Coordinator: Christine Fenenga, Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy

All members of the working group are listed below.

The objective of the Operational Excellence Working Group is to foster the development, use, scale-up, monitoring, and evaluation of best practices and promising innovations in national leprosy control programmes. The working group is organized in sub-groups, focusing on five key areas:

  1. Identification/PEP: Identification of people at risk of leprosy & prevention of leprosy in this risk population/ How can Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) best be implemented in a country?
  2. Early Detection and Prompt Treatment: Sustaining early detection and prompt treatment of leprosy disease and measures when reaching zero leprosy
  3. Disability: Effective prevention and treatment of disability during and after antimicrobial treatment
  4. Stigma: Effective reduction of stigma and discrimination
  5. Infrastructure/operational capacity: Cross-cutting issues, such as human resources (HR), health finance, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) & surveillance, policy

Under the guidance of a facilitator and chair, each sub-group will:

  • Develop an inventory of best practices and innovation, which will be organized into a set of free online tools for countries.
  • Support country peer-to peer assessments to identify opportunities, challenges and needs in implementing tools towards zero leprosy.
  • Provide technical advice as needed when questions are raised about implementation of the online tools.

Group 4B Subtheme Stigma, discrimination & exclusion – English speaking

Chair: Taye Letta, National Leprosy Program, Ethiopia
Facilitator: Sunday Udo, The Leprosy Mission Nigeria

  • Nancy Sabuero, Philippine Association for Integration, Dignity ang Economic Advancement / IDEA-Philippines Inc.
  • Wim van Brakel, NLR
  • Thushani Dabrera, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka
  • Nuah Perdamenta Tarigan, (GPDLI) Gerakan Peduli Disabilitas dan Lepra Indonsesia (GPDLI)
  • Pankaj Patel, Individual
  • Mohan Arikonda, The Leprosy Mission
  • Joseph Selvaraj, Grace Foundation
  • Sonali Nayak, PramilaEkAsha
  • P.K. Gopal, IDEA
  • Sunil Kumar, PramilaEkAsha
  • Pratap Rai Manglani, NLR India
  • Solomon Raju Moturu, The Leprosy Mission Trust India
  • Mohan Arikonda, The Leprosy Mission
  • Franscisco Onde, Coalition of Leprosy Advocate of the Philippines CLAP
  • Mahsin Hamuda, UNDP
  • Silatham Sermrittirong, Raj Pracha Samasai Institute
  • Nikita Sarah, The Leprosy Mission Trust India
  • Taranth Sigdel, Progress Self Help Group
  • Heleen Broekkamp, NLR

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