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…9 Acts of Visionary Leadership

1. Understand the concept

2. Understand the content

3. Own the vision

4. Make it real

5. Pass it around

6. Sell it

7. Put it into Action

8. Refine the vision

9. Reinforce the vision

Vision is a clear mental portrait of the future (George Barna)

My friends life who infected by leprosy or kusta or Hansen changes  the founder of GPDLI/ Indonesia Leprosy and Disability Care Movement heart since many years ago, he involved in many social activities since senior high school student in Medan North Sumatera up to University student in Yogyakarta, he cares deeply with many issues in Indonesia marginal people with specialization in their justice fulfilment for their own development, family and their community anywhere, anyplace and all circumstances.

As an Architect who always travel and meet many people in Indonesia and around the world has been made him see clearly, sensitive and transparently to catch the message from people affected by leprosy, started from his research visit (approximately in 1980s) in a leprosy village in Lau Simomo (Karo Highland, North Sumatera, not too far from Berastagi and Kabanjahe/ and Sinabung volcanic mountain) for a community site planning and design project in Sibolangit, he was very shocked with the situation and condition of people affected by leprosy there since hundred years ago up to this information age.

The community who live around this settlement did not accepted them genuinely and openly (I think up to date !, it is reflected while I visited there with a biggest Leprosy organisation couple years ago), they felt very frightened with health issues (communicable diseases issue) and the most important one : STIGMA and DISCRIMINATION since many years ago developed in their own paradigm. Since 2005 the founder of GPDLI had been developing the network up to now, which is very effective in Indonesia community, to make this issues as a mainstream news in the media and issues in the society is not easy and it cannot developed in a very short time frame. But with VISION and MISSION plus VALUES involved in GPDLI ACTION we will make a transformation genuinely in Indonesia society heart and minds, especially, JAKARTA, BOGOR, TANGERANG, DEPOK and BEKASI areas, and then whole Indonesia and Asia, Africa etc.

There are many works and actions that we should develop with People affected by leprosy in near future, we hope that many of them who still affect and affected by leprosy could change their own life by their efforts and success and bold mind and heart, GPDLI just work as a BRIDGE to bring them to another better level of their own life by help themselves to see the bright future for individual, family and their/ our society.  Let us work together wherever we works and serves people and civil society, from Zero to Hero from Nothing to be Worthwhile, including people with disabilities especially who live in leprosy community anywhere in Indonesia, started from our own places in Indonesia and others. Hopefully we could bring them from marginality of their life (which is deeply drought with this circumstances from long time and never ever stop!) and then transformed to have empowerment and finally independent wherever them involve and work in our society.


As a appreciation and gratitude to our friends with disabilities and affected by leprosy, we present this dedication as a powerful solution to bridge the incondusive situation in many years, SMALL STEPS but if we do that consistently then we will see significant transformation in near future, believe that this will happening soon. Based on Architectural Planning and Design which I learned since 1980s up to date there should be a equilibirium senses between MIND and HEART, these make a significant and sustainable development whereever we go, including developing GPDLI concern. If you are interested to be a volunteer, supporter, or other circumstances please do not hesitate to contact us throgh this below email: